Urban look and a piece of American history at Sinn’s store in Fulda

When the Hudson Tubes were built more than 100 years ago, nobody had expected that the entry into these tubes would be found at Sinn Group’s store in Fulda in 2019. The newly designed ground floor area of the store presents itself in an urban style and with a historical character, skillfully combining modern city character with industrial charm.

The entire area concept is based on the urban everyday life of the city. The walls dominate in a grey concrete look and the metallically framed wall panels in a tiled design. The metal product carriers fit into the room in a straight line with an assured sense of style. Simple and puristic, the POS system skillfully completes the industrial flair.

The fitting room in the middle of the sales area, which is based on the New York Subway station to the Hudson Tubes, can be described as a very special eye-catcher.

Our self-adhesive textile print EasyTexx decorates the wall surfaces in a deceptively real way and it is hardly recognizable that these are not real tiles and mosaics.

The urban New York subway character is brought into the surface and thus a very special shopping experience is provided for the visitors.


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