Wooden accents – the new Hohmann & Heil sports department

When entering the new sports department of Hohmann & Heil in Fulda, the visitor is immediately greeted by a pompous Alpine panorama with a deceptively genuine alpine cabin in a rustic style. A very special shopping experience, whether the visitor is looking for a new outfit for a skiing holiday or a hiking excursion in the mountains. The very special feel-good atmosphere extends all the way to trying on the selected items in the nostalgic fitting rooms.

Thanks to our self-adhesive textile print EasyTexx, the Dolomites look deceptively real and convey the feeling of spaciousness, calm and relaxation.

Hiking boots can be tried out in detail on the suitably designed test platform and the wearing comfort can be tested. A rustic bench, as you know it from hiking trails in the mountains, invites you to linger and rounds off the shopping experience.

All in all, we have fulfilled a very special task here to create an individual ambience that stands out from the usual sports departments. Our special idea to adapt the design to the unmistakable panorama of the Alps inspired our customer. We would like to thank our customer for the trust they have placed in us, for the consistently pleasant cooperation and wish them a lot of fun at work and good business in the future.

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