Industrial style at Hohmann & Heil

The new look of the menswear and boyswear department at Hohmann & Heil in Fulda represents a modern industrial style and conveys its own unique charm and that certain something.

In order to achieve distinctiveness and complexity of the different facets, the department was divided into 4 areas and each one was designed individually but in perfect harmony. 

Streetwear, Denim, Contemporary and Business are titles of the individual sub-areas. The designs of wall surfaces and the furniture with a strong metallic character are perfectly matched to each other. The furniture at the centre of the room almost completely consists of powder-coated metal constructions, which were specially developed and individually designed. The combination of modern components and the balanced mix of the materials metal and wood and the look of brick walls convey urban lifestyle.

For our customer we realized the entire fitting of the department and we transformed the walls with our EasyTexx in deceptively real and high-class brick walls within a very short time.

EasyTexx is a self-adhesive textile print, which can be applied like wallpaper as wall design, but within a much shorter period of time and without the need for paste. An individual motif, which was chosen by our customer, was printed on textile fabrics, which were applied on the wall surface

self-adhesively. The use of EasyTexx allows a complete redesign of the department within a short time, as EasyTexx can easily be removed from the wall by peeling it away and it can be replaced by a new wall design. The handling does not only enable an easy readjustment of the prints, but also reusability, when properly used. The textile fabric can also be placed over the corners, so that we could integrate the fitting rooms in an almost invisible way in the look.

In today's fast-moving times, where requirements for shop fitting, especially as promotional magnet, often change rapidly and have to be readapted, EasyTexx represents a very special, innovative, modern and, particularly, cost-effective possibility of design.

We are proud that we could design this very modern and young department for our long-standing customer. We wish Hohmann & Heil continued success and we wish the entire team much pleasure at work.

Should you have any questions regarding EasyTexx, please feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information. 


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