Herzog & Bräuer, Viernheim – digital design possibilities

For our customer Herzog & Bräuer we developed a new shop concept, which has been used for the first time in Viernheim. Here we created  and fully assembled a completely new shopfitting with a top functionality, high density and high demands on Visual Merchandising on  a shop surface of almost 100 square metres.

In addition to display tables, merchandise fixtures and picture frames, we also manufactured high-quality and individual fitting rooms with corresponding furnishings. Herzog & Bräuer presents itself in a graceful and stylishly plain look, promising a top-class shopping experience.

By the use of high-quality digital prints we could set special highlights, each customer will notice when trying on clothes.  We digitally printed a motive, selected by the customer and resembling  a padding, on the inner walls of the fitting rooms, giving them a particularly high-quality and inviting look. The digital print enables us to apply any motive requested.

The digital print is extremely robust, stratch-resistant, shock-proof and washable. Thereby, we guarantee our customers many years of reliable use of this furnishing.  The print is so flexible that we can not only use it for refitting but also for renovations and upgrading of existent fittings.

Individually equippable wall constructions with slim and unobtrusive slotted rails complete the new concept and offer various design  and customization options without losing their elegance. The use of different merchandise fixtures allows a fluent transition between the different brand manufacturers and creates a pleasant atmosphere without affecting orientation. We realized our customer’s task to provide a wide and interconnected visual merchandising of different manufacturers at its best.

The cash desk can appropriately be described as „small but nice“, as it fits in a very discreet and space-saving manner in  the salesroom, providing however everything needed by the customer and notably the staff.

We are very grateful for the good collaboration when working out the concept. We hope that our customers enjoy the new shop fittings and wish them a lot of success! 


Herzog & Bräuer 2014Herzog & Bräuer 2014Herzog & Bräuer 2014Herzog & Bräuer 2014Herzog & Bräuer 2014Herzog Braeuer 2014