Billmayer Modewelten – a roof concept which allows everything

At present,  shopfitting,  more adaptable to the needs and requirements, can hardly be found. The current trend is to keep shopfitting as neutral as possible in order to create flexibility in design.

We took on the task given by our customer Billmayer Modewelten with pleasure and could achieve a very satisfactory result.

The wall system used is a complete unit, which offers plenty of hanging options due to a large number of included slot rails and, particularly, can be changed quickly and can be adjusted to new conditions.  The functional slot rails are deliberately not visible in the full height of the wall, but they appear only in the really necessary area. This creates a unique living room atmosphere and gives the entire shopfitting a special character. Large picture frames do not only decorate the wall surfaces, but serve as highly flexible partitions, allowing  an individual  refitting of the surfaces in a matter of seconds. The shop areas of individual manufacturers can be increased or also minimized by an uncomplicated rehanging of mirrors. A shopkeeper is therefore able to adapt  himself individually to the market conditions and to align his store space according to the success of the collection;  Thus, he is no longer dependent on concrete specifications of individual brands, which determine their retail space themselves.

The shopkeeper decides the size and extent of a brand area himself according to requirements and product print. Here the fashion store itself is in the foreground and not a brand label.

The coordination of wall paper and picture frames as well as mirrors in warm wood and earth tones in the background complete the shop concept in perfection and invite to an individal shopping experience.

We considered that a completely new shop look can be generated in a very short time by applying new wall paper without the need for a complete furniture exchange.

The neutral, simple and timelessly modern merchandise fixtures are freely integrable and changeable on the surface due to their straight shape and, particularly, not bound to any specific brand.

The customers of Billmayer Modewelten are enthousiastic about the brand-independent combination possibilities, which Mrs. Billmayer presents skillfully with the shopfitting concept, and enjoy a label-independent and individual fashion advice.

The hosiery presentation  is also brand-neutral and allows a clearly arranged presentation for the customer – the criterion of merchandise placement is also freely realizable by the shopkeeper.

A special piece of jewellery is the freestanding cash desk, standing out by its extraordinary shape and integrated lighting. The cash desk does not only provide maximum comfort for the cash staff, but also surprises customers with a back-fitted coffee bar, inviting them to stay for a while.

Please find below a selection of photos...

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