Kaufhaus RID, Penzberg - in the middle of jungle

Impressions of the wild and a touch of nature is conveyed by the new, extraordinary Young Fashion Department of the RID store in Penzberg.

The department almost equals a jungle and promises a unique shopping experience.

In this project the company Holzakzente could prove its sensitivity in terms of material selection  and decor sampling. It was a special and exciting task to combine the character of wood and nature with state-of-the-art architectural requirements and printing technologies.

The real exciting  and challenging task given by the customer was to combine old materials with state-of-the-art materials and nostalgic flair with the latest methods.

We created wood-paneled pillars,  which do not only serve as supporting elements but rather decorate the room skillfully and perfect the flair.

The spacious and centrally placed cash desk attracts the eye by a digitally printed leopard look, which can certainly be considered as unique in Germany so far. The cash desk is not only a real eye-catcher, but also well-considered in terms of its functions. The multifunctional desk is not only highlighted by a perfect lighting of the rooms, but especially by a large-scale „wilderness print“ in the background.

The fitting rooms are also made of fashionable materials, nevertheless they appear in a rustic design for the viewer – brick wall masonry and antique wood doors as digital prints.

Using state-of-the-art technologies, the applied prints  are extremely robust, stratch-proof and washable so that these prints are very durable and make our customers happy regarding the practical use.

We hope you will enjoy our selection of pictures!

Kaufhaus RIDKaufhaus RIDKaufhaus RID