luxury - makes life easier

What defines luxury? The answers are various and in spaces you can experience luxury e. g. in the following two ways: sophisticated and stylish colouring with high-grade materials and expanse, which is perceived by the sensory organ, the eye, unmistakably signalled – at this point we leave the well-known narrowness of ordinary life.

Let us remember the original Adlon Hotel in Berlin. The unusual magnificence of the hotel at that time let the visitor get into another world. A world, which was beyond his imagination so far.  Nowadays, in an incredibly fast-rotating world with more and more people, luxury is increasingly redefined. Time, maybe for a handwritten letter, and rooms, in which the eye of the viewer can wander and he can escape from the noticeable limitation of everyday life for a short time, can be mentioned here.

Since 2011, the long-established store Rummel in  Ansbach is managed by the family Hollstein. Following the takeover in 2011, the lingerie department  was refitted.  A wise decision, which led in early 2013 to a move to the second floor and, in this context, to a department expansion by 100 % to 350 square metres.

The department presents itself today with a stylish, discreet colouring in combination with plenty of free space. Uniform shopfitting, without recognisable shops, signals the customer a clear sender: Modehaus Rummel. The retail space is held without product print and, in spite of that or exactly because of that, gives products and brands plenty of space for an immense recognition. Due to the elegant colouring and the wide areas, a form of luxury is presented to the customer, which does not  appear obtrusive or unreachable at all, but conveys the values of spacious rooms in a calm and very cautious way. In combination with well-considered additional elements, a highly functional department was created without appearing technical at any point.

Hereinafter,  you can gain an impression of this wonderful department. Although we succeeded in creating  an overall combination with a very high-quality look, we remained faithful to our excellent price-performance ratio with this project. 

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