take a seat and feel comfortable - lounge furniture

The lounge offers room for relaxation in the retail sector as well as in shopping centres and gastronomy. More than ever, the customer seeks a pleasant atmosphere in order to escape from every-day-life in an appealing ambiance for an interim break or a major stay.

We had the task to fit the shopping centre Iulius Mall in Iasi / Bucharest (Romania) with seating furniture and tables for the different gastronomical areas. First-class, partially exclusive lounge areas with modern furniture were created. Here we paid special attention to a coordinated lighting, which is  customary in lounge areas, and we adjusted our fittings accordingly.

Here the term „lounge“ is meanwhile almost used in an inflationary way. Originally, the lounge representated an exclusive waiting or recreation area for travellers.  By the use of high-quality materials and a typical colouring, a high-grade and elegant interior style was subsequently shaped, which can nowadays be found in many gastronomical areas.

Indeed, you can feel the used material when taking a seat. Not only in gastronomy, but also in inviting recreation areas in retail sector, the customer perceives the processed materials as part of the overall concept. He is getting in touch with the surfaces, he is sitting down and is touching the seating furniture and the table with his legs and hands. The product can be experienced with several senses at the same time. It would be wrong to save costs at this point: When it comes to attracting an individual clientele, it is worthwhile utilizing the feel-good factor and that certain something. Underline your uniqueness with a matching lounge – preferably smaller and more exclusive than simple and standardized. Your customers will thank you for it.

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Realized at: Iulius Mall in Iasi / Bucharest, Romania

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