simply glossy – redesign of Wäschehaus Arndt in Lippstadt

For the first time, visual merchandising was fully made of high-gloss material. The entire visual merchandising elements in the central area, on the back walls, in the fitting room area and at the cashdesk have a uniform appearance.

In this project we particularly focussed on the play with colours, forms and materials.  Pure white is elegant and very classy.

Along with high-gloss material, the mirroring effect has to be considered. Above all, the floor, the walls and further mirrors inside the department are possible disturbing factors, which can make visual merchandising appear restless.

Floor and walls are deliberately kept in dark shades and additional mirrors in the room were excluded. The curtains of the fitting rooms create an exciting opposite pole  and the string curtains used draw the eye to important places to go. The mix of a clean look in combination with organic elements in the area of the logo panels, the rounded corners of the visual merchandising elements and the corresponding selection of seating furniture create a homogeneous overall appearance.

A brilliant impression

Realized at: Arndt Lippstadt

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