interior design in search of innovative shopfitting

Especially interior design with its diverse and in part completely different products requires a shopfitting concept,  introducing the manifold product world to the consumer in a surprising way.

Products, which enrich or complement our daily life situation in many facets, thus make beautiful things even more beautiful, often do not find their true purpose on shop floors. The consumer enters the store in order to decorate a beautiful area of life or work individually with some products of Interior Design. The corresponding sales area must satisfy this high demand the consumer has in mind. If the inner beautiful picture of the customer meets a corresponding outer appearance in the presentation of the department, excellent sales results can be achieved. holz’akzente developed and realized an innovative and structured  shopfitting for Interior Design.

A department of home textiles was created, giving the different product areas individuality and a homogeneous and open appearance by the  „arena principle“. From the middle of the department, the customer can look at all areas and specifically go to the area of merchandising he requires.  At the same time, adjacent areas are made accessible in an unobtrusive way, but clear in message, and accelerate additional purchases.

Enjoy our modern Interior Design Department.

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