industrial design meets elements of nature


holz’akzente is responsible for the entire visual merchandising at Haily’s in the first flagship store of the brand in Magdeburg. On 600 square meters more than 20,000 articles are placed. The aim was to create a consistent customer guidance with striking contact points and plenty of free space for the conscious perception of the individual departments. 

With urban industrial design, large areas and wide spaces are connected, visible systems engineering, both on walls and on the ceiling, and rough materials, of course.

Untreated industrial floors and walls, which can keep their character and are therefore simply painted, form the basis of the well-known industrial charm. The new flagship store of Haily’s relys on these stylistic elements, however not in a former factory hall, but in Elbe-Park. of Magdeburg.

The huge area is consistently open and perfectly fulfills the industrial look by high ceilings with visible cables, pipes and struttings. The walls made of large concrete blocks were painted in white colour above the sales elements and highlight the character, just as the numerous light windows of the ceiling. A uniform concrete look is used on the floor.

The presentation furniture is in a warm contrast to that. Natural rough wood alternates with coated and painted materials. Curved tables and baskets in a tender cream shade emphasize the pleasant and inviting look. A huge wooden ceiling sail was hung in a dominant manner. It does not only provide space for the lighting system, but it structures the entire space as a striking point of orientation.

The entire visual merchandising is structured in product worlds, each with its own staging.  Over and over again, you can find relax zones with upholstered furniture, cabinets and playful tables – so that the shopping experience, even with many friends, will not only remain restricted to the goods themselves. The young customer is mainly served and a considerable added value should be created by that – in contrast to well-known forms of distribution

The following pictures will give you an excellent impression of visual merchandising in this flaghip store. We are glad that we succeeded in shifting the colourful Haily’s collection to the focus of attention with our natural and muted colour range of the presentation elements. 

Welcome in the world of Haily's

Realized at: Haily's Magdeburg, Elbe-Park

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