Turning old into new - the revolution in refurbishment

We ventured into new terrain with a R&D project and achieved success on a full scale.

In a 24-month cooperation with the Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences, we were able to develop sanitary wall modules that allow fast installation on site with just a few assembly steps.

Due to an extremely high degree of prefabrication in our in-house factory, the construction work is finally limited to a minimum, which is also a great success considering the time factor. Thus, we are able to counteract the renovationbacklog in the public sector and to refurbish sanitary facilities in offices, universities and schools during holiday periods, for example. Our system modules, whose surface design can be appropriately adapted to the requirements of our customers, are placed in front of the existing walls and the sanitary objects are installed within a very short period.

In our projectwe have succeeded in creating a holistic concept with all works from floor to ceiling, combining completecoordination, speed, reliability, precision and cost security.

As part of our pilot project, we were allowed to renovate sanitary facilities at the secondaryschool in Bad Kissingen. We would like to express our thanks for the good cooperation with the whole team of theschoolandfor the confidence of the employees and responsible people of the district office of Bad Kissingen.

2019 09 projekt fachhochschule rosenheim