Urban Style at Hair Salon Kehm

The well-known Salon Kehm in the heart of Bad Brueckenau has been completely renovated and now presents itself in a trendy "Urban Style". Both women and men are skilfully addressed in an optical mix of concrete, brick and metal and, with simple elegance, invited to linger. The hair salon was completely redesigned and transformed into a real wellness dream. Hairdressers make people happy and make them shine - we were allowed to make Carina and Daniela Kehm shine at the reopening of their salon.

Large wall cabinet solutions in a light, handleless design offer plenty of space for all the necessary utensils and serve as close-range storage. The colours of the entire room are in perfect harmony with each other. Large, backlit mirrors round off each individual styling unit perfectly. A place to linger is the bar in the middle of the salon, where not only customers of the salon always find a place.

We are proud that we participated in the design of this salon, which can be described as unique in the vicinity of Bad Kissingen, and that we were allowed to be part of this change.  We hope that the entire team will enjoy working at the new salon and we wish them continued success!

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